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    5 bed house for sale in Dedham

    • grand reception hall/drawing room
    • aga kitchen/breakfast room
    • five bedrooms

    4 bed unfurnished cottage to rent in Margaretting

    £2,995 pcm Fees Apply
    • four double bedrooms
    • three bathrooms
    • village location

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    For many, location is the key driving force when it comes to deciding on a new home, weighing up convenience, distance to local amenities and proximity to excellent schools and transport links. If this sounds familiar then look no further than Crest Nicholson’s latest offering, Aythorpe Grange.
    Nicki Treffers - 04 September 2015


    Looking for a brand new home? Then look no further than our leading property magazine which features new homes currently on the market across the county that are suitable for all tastes and budgets.
    Denise Turner - 04 September 2015

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